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About Us

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IVORY MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT is an Integrated Marketing Communication company . We are specialize in Brand Management, Advertisments , Public Relation , Social Media Marketing , Event Management in Corporate , ATL/BTL Activation ,Entertainment, Model Management & Managed Manpower services . Concept , Planning , Organization and Execution which we term it as BUSINESS SOLUTION .
IVORY MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT is an brand synonymous with knowledge , Wisdom , Innovation , Creativity driven by Communication .

Branding / Tagline :

“Creative Ideas Innovative Life “ is the way of life which ultimately transforms knowledge to Wealth.

Motto :

“Customer / Client is the king “ , which emphasis us more on the confidentiality .

Vision :

We stand for Integrity and values which are of high Legal and professional Ethics / Morale Code of Conduct .

Values :

Branding , SWOT Analysis ( Strength , Weakness , Opportunity and Threat ) , Hard Work & Smart Work Philosophy : “ WHERE THERE IS A WILL , THERE IS A WAY “ .

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Brand Management

Brand management is a communication function in marketing that includes analysis and planning on how that brand is positioned in the market, which target public the brand is targeted at, and maintaining a desired reputation of the brand. Developing a good relationship with target publics is essential for brand management.

  • Brand Engagement & Activation – Creative Logos , SEO .
  • Market Intelligence – Research ( Online & Offline ).
  • Advertisements/P R

    Advertising is a form of marketing  communication used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience  (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to take or continue to take some action.

  • Ad Shoots & Corporate Movies – Concept , story , Direction . .
  • Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.

  • Press Releases
  • Editorials & Advertorials in
  • Satellite ( T.V. ) Channels, Radio ( F.M.) Channels, Print Media,
  • Social Media Marketing :
  • Website , Live Streaming , Facebook , YouTube , Twitter , LinkdIn, Google Ads, Whatsapp.

    Fashion Management

    Fashion management is the promotion of apparel sales and involves all of the tasks necessary to deliver the clothing requests and meet the needs of potential customers and designers.

  • Model Portfolio Shoots
  • Model Grooming
  • Event Management

    Event Management is the process of planning a festival, ceremony, competition, party, concert, or convention. Event Management can include budgeting, establishing dates and alternate dates, selecting and reserving the event site, acquiring permits, coordinating location support (such as electricity and other utilities), and arranging decor, event support and security, catering, emergency plans, aid stations, and cleanup

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Events
  • Corporate & ATL/BTL Activities
  • Sports & Entertainment Events
  • Corporate Communication

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